Big Ideas for Little People




for young super heroes


for creative kids


Feminism and activism start at home! (for ages 0–3)

Feminism Flashcards are fun! (for ages 5 and up)

Profiles of 40+ inspiring, innovative, trail-blazing women in each book! (for ages 8 and up)

Profiles of 36 extraordinary Jewish women (for ages 12 and up)!

NEW! “Nice” Jewish Girls

Price $21.99



For young naturalists

There’s no better way to learn about nature than to look at it up close! These delightful kits come with a magnifier jar and binoculars, respectively — plus, a photo-packed 64-page book!

PBS KIDS Look and Learn Insects

Price $19.99


PBS KIDS Look and Learn Birds

Price $19.99


Go out and explore with Into the Field Guides.
Kid-friendly field guide comes in a treasure box with bug magnifying jar and mesh collecting bag.

PBS KIDS Look and Learn Nature Detective

Price $19.99



For science and animal lovers

Science with Stuff titles are packed with amazing photos, information, AND a cool collectible!

For young feminists and more!

Generation Girl books feature 40+ mini-biographies unstoppable women (and non-binary) activists, entrepreneurs, and scientists.

Girl Activist

Price $12.99


For young cooks

Fully-illustrated ingredients, tools, and steps mean that children as young as 4 years old can make dishes completely on their own!

PBS KIDS: Do It Myself Cookbook

Price $26.99


The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook comes complete with 60+ simple, tasty recipes as well as 3 cookie cutters (a bat, a lightning bolt, and a shield), logo stencils and character cut-outs for awesome food styling.

The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook: Deluxe Edition

Price $26.99



For crafters

Who says that crafts are only an indoor activity? Fun and easy nature craft projects get kids outside to gather and sort materials.

PBS KIDS Super Simple Crafts: Sticks & Stones

Price $19.99


For doodlers and writers

Inspiring prompts, coloring pages, list starters, phrases, puzzles, and powerful patterns—all featuring DC’s fearless super heroes—jump-start the imagination.

DC Comics: My Girl Power Journal

Price $16.99



The PBS KIDS 100 series is a thoughtful collection of first words and phrases for kids who are soaking up language.

PBS KIDS 100 Words for Babies

Price $9.99


PBS KIDS 100 Words for Toddlers

Price $9.99


PBS KIDS 100 Concepts for Preschoolers

Price $9.99


Fine art meets basic concepts (animals, feelings, and first words) in these gorgeous board books

Art from the Start: Animals in Art

Price $6.99


Art from the Start: How is Mona Lisa Feeling?

Price $6.99


Art from the Start: Mama, Baby, & Other First Words

Price $6.99


Exquisite art accompanies quotes from Shakespeare to illustrate the changing seasons in this gorgeous picture book.

It's a Mitzvah!

Price $10.99


No! My First Book of Protest

Price $10.99


These come with a key that unlocks mini doors

My Favorite Shoes

Price $12.99


For the littlest fashionista

My Favorite Purse

Price $12.99


PBS KIDS Turn the Key: Around the World

Price $12.99



For young design lovers

Baby's First Eames

Price $11.99


My First Jewish Baby Book

Price $10.99


For Before They Have Enough Teeth to Chew a Bagel. . .

Feminism and activism start at home!

PBS KIDS Turn the Key: On the Farm

Price $12.99


NEW! My First Book of Famous Jews

Price $11.99





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