Ms. magazine included two of our books on their recent list, The Future is Feminist: 10 Books to Start Your Feminist Children’s Library at Home. Take a look inside both of these inspiring reads here: My First Book of Feminism (For Boys) and A Black Woman Did That.

A Black Woman Did That is one of the top 10 bestselling books for 2020 on African American Literature Book Club (, and on Publisher Weekly’s An Anti-Racist Graphic Novel Reading List. From The Washington Informer: “The women spotlighted include some well-known history-makers such as Harriet Tubman, Bessie Coleman, Shirley Chisholm and Ida B. Wells. Stacey Abrams, Whoopi Goldberg, Simone Biles, and Serena Williams are a few of the contemporary ‘sheroes’ readers can rediscover through new insights.” Download a reader’s guide here, created by the book’s author, Malaika Adero. New edition including Kamala Harris released summer 2021.

[Courage Is. . .] addresses the many surprising ways that one can develop courage and character. Kander and son work to demonstrate how these choices are inherent in who you are as a person, in actions big and small.This and more in The PitchKC's review about veteran, activist, podcast host, and bestselling author Jason Kander and the board book he wrote his 8-year-old son True.

Do you keep gawking at the many photos and drawings, or dig in and do the many imagining, drawing and coloring exercises suggested?” — from Milwaukee Journal Sentinels 2021 holiday gift book list about our new activity/art history book How to Think Like Frank Lloyd Wright for ages 10 and up.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Puberty—and Shouldn’t be Googling: For Curious Boys! is full of frank confessions, abundant humor, nonjudgmental advice—plus cool, graphic-novel-style  illustrations throughout. “Talks about toxic masculinity, feminism and being gay among a lot of other great topics—really diverse images also, tweets @BlackDigitalHum. Answered ALL the questions my son had, (4-star Amazon review). Prevention Magazine recommends it as a "puberty page-turner" in their September 2021 article "Tackling 'The Talk.'"

“One of the most engaging elements of the book is the repeated refrain of “No!” throughout the text. I’ve yet to meet a toddler (including my own, who loved the book) who didn’t enjoy screaming “No!” whenever possible, and it is welcome and encouraged throughout. This participatory element is very helpful in engaging young readers to learn about important activists and movements throughout history, while inspiring future protesters in the making.”Smells Like Infinite Sadness about new board book, No! My First Book of Protest. This timely board book has landed on many race and equity books for kids lists; check out these on Stroller in the City, Lucie's List, and Smithsonian Magazine.

The Taunton Daily Gazette calls our latest Generation Girl book, Girl Activist, a “helpful guide to get young activists feeling empowered to change their communities and the world. It’s featured on Imagination Soup's good biographies list, School Library Journal's New Books Alert, and Today's "Awesome Girls" gift guide. lifehacker says “books like Girl Activist are a good start.” Learn how to ignite a movement with the help of this book of 40 mini-biographies!

“Who better to help young explorers become Nature Detectives than PBS Kids?” Our latest PBS KIDS Look and Learn kit, Nature Detective, just won a Parents' Choice Award. From The Albert Lea Tribune, “it's important that kids, grownups and supposed grownups get outside and do something wild—like looking at a bird.” American Scientist put it at the top of their Science Book Gift Guide.

“From encouraging girls to use their voice and normalizing the idea of girls as leaders to showing them that beauty is on the inside, the book [My First Book of Feminism] aims to teach big lessons with a kid-friendly approach, says Girl Talk HQ in their article featuring author Julie Merberg and illustrator Michéle Brummer Everett. Also featured in NBC News Holiday gift guide: 10 awesome books to inspire girls to know their value.

“[Baby’s First Eames] is a no-brainer for those who want their children brought up on Frank Lloyd Wright rather than Thomas the Tank,” says Plain Magazine. Baby’s First Eames has fans here in the U.S. and abroad—see House Beautiful (U.K.)’s review, dwell’s list for rockstar new parents, author Julie Merberg's Q&A on apartment therapy, Young Architect’s “15 Architect Books for Babies” list, and Architect Magazine's “Essential Reading.” This hip A-to-Z board book is also featured in Vogue (Germany) and on Curbed and the Dallas Morning News.

Get a jump on teaching equality with this charming rhyming book, which reminds kids of simple truths, says Good Housekeeping of My First Book of Feminism (for Boys). From The New York Times: “This board book challenges stereotypes early with rhymes and drawings that address grown-up issues like equal pay, consent and domestic labor with toddler-level directness.” Check out more accolades from: Brit + Co (also on Yahoo), The Inventory, The Children's Book ReviewPyschCentral, Red Tricycle, Kveller, Baby Chick, Girl Talk HQ, Hello Wonderful, No Time for Flashcards, New Jersey Family, and School Library Journal.

My First Jewish Baby Book is fast becoming a must-have for any Jewish baby's nursery. “Prepare to read My First Jewish Baby Book over and over,” says The New York Jewish Week. Many others agree including: The Children's Book Review, The Jewish Journal, San Diego Jewish World, Book Riot, Mother, Imagination Soup, Salty Canary, Cool Mom Picks, and Deseret News.

Support independent bookstores and publishers when you buy our books from the Downtown Bookworks shop on! This new book-buying website is simple, timely, and offers discounts on most titles. As of now, the bulk of our books are available in our shop—we’ll be updating it often.

• Four of our books are recipients of the 2020 Parents’ Choice Awards: No! My First Book of Protest, PBS KIDS Sticker Smart Art: Around the World, PBS KIDS Sticker Smart Art: Colors and Shapes, and PBS KIDS Spot the Differences: Around the World.

Browse our updated 2021–22 catalog to see what's new as well as backlist favorites.

Though their numbers may be small, Jews have had a tremendous impact in many fields. From writers, artists, and comedians to scientists, activists, and stars, they have influenced the way we think, live, laugh, and look at the world. Meet some of the iconic figures in My First Book of Famous Jews! Available January 2022.

“Nice” Jewish Girls features fascinating biographies of 36 extraordinary Jewish women. From historical icons like Emma Goldman and Golda Meir to contemporary stars including Barbra Streisand and Diane von Furstenberg, their stories also provides a window into Jewish history, through powerful tales of survival and success. Bold, gorgeous illustrations complete the package making this thoroughly engaging book a perfect Bat Mitzvah gift. Available January 2022.

We have 2 new DC Super Hero books, Colors, Capes, Sizes & Shapes, and Super Hero Opposites, to add to our fun and fabulous concept board book collection. Illustrated with a combination of classic comic book art and new art featuring more diverse characters, these books cover the basics every aspiring super hero needs to know. Available now.

This lovely new hardback (with metallic ink on cover) includes 30+ thoroughly engaging 3-minute origin stories of beloved DC Comic characters. Did you know Wonder Woman™ and Nubia™ were shaped out of clay by their mother Hippolyta, and given life and powers by the gods? Or that The Flash™ was a scientist named Barry Allen before lightning struck his lab, transforming him into The Fastest Man Alive? Find out more in Super Hero Origin Stories when it lands in March 2022.



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