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160 pages

Ages 9 and up

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Girl CEO

by Ronnie Cohen and Katherine Ellison,

foreword by Tory Burch, illlustrated by Georgia Rucker

Mini-biographies of leading women entrepreneurs—from Katrina Lake to Oprah, Tavi Gevinson to Sheryl Sandberg, and Ursula Burns to Diane von Furstenberg—offer windows into what it takes to succeed, with a particular focus on the challenges faced (and overcome) by girls and women. Each success story provides different lessons in life and leadership—such as how to:

      • identify a lucrative niche

      • build and maintain a brand

      • grow a loyal customer base

      • turn an interest (or a passion) into a career

      • raise money for research and development

      • build a strong network

Fascinating figures from the worlds of media, technology, fashion, food, and more share their secrets with tomorrow's leaders.


“Use [Girl CEO] to inspire an enterprising young person. Use it to study leadership. Use it to study women-owned or women-run businesses. Use it to launch an entrepreneur study. There are so many possibilities! Well-written and well-designed, this is a worthy addition to any middle school library and classroom.”

“Full color makes this book very visually appealing. Great profiles of and advice from diverse women entrepreneurs, inventors, CEOs, Media starts, and other leaders. Inspiring and educational.”

“One of the strengths of this book is that its subjects represent a wide variety of women, both in terms of upbringing, economic status, race and industry. This book doesn’t shy away from the additional challenge of racism that women of color face in addition to sexism, and it is frank in a way that isn’t discouraging to its audience. Young people will read this and know what they are facing, but this book will help them to feel more prepared, rather than afraid. I also appreciated the wide span of time that the subjects cover. It is inspiring to see women throughout history and women today showing how far we have come, and the future that we are continuing to build.”

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