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DC Comics: My Girl Power Journal

by Sarah Parvis

My Girl Power Journal is filled with fun prompts that will encourage girls to write, draw, create, contemplate, and grow strong in the process.

From "What makes me feel strong?" to "Who would I choose as a sidekick?" to exploring how an entertaining range of superpowers (mind-reading, X-ray vision, super-speed) would play out in real life, the questions in this unique and empowering journal make it a terrific tool for girls 8 and up. Girls are encouraged to imagine what the world would look like if they were in charge; to think about the things they are proud of; to focus on the times they overcame their fears or failures; and to plan their future as the super hero they will surely become. Beautiful classic DC character art featuring Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Katana, and other female super heroes—along with fun super hero facts and trivia—complete the package.


“Wherever you land on the political spectrum, if you have a little girl in your life that you care about, this book would make a great gift.”

“Kids who love writing will enjoy all the prompts that get them thinking and they’ll love coming up with their own band names, super powers, and more. My Girl Power Journal is going to be a great gift choice for young DC Comics fans for years to come.”

“While superpowers aren't a thing in real life, this book can help inspire girls to embrace their inner girl power and be whatever kind of person they want to aspire to be.”

ISBN:  9781941367346

Price: $16.99, $19.99 Can

Softcover activity book, 7.375" x 9", 160 full-color pages

For ages 8 and up

Available now


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