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DC Comics: The Big Book of Girl Power

by Julie Merberg

Since we published My First Book of Girl Power in 2014, we’ve head from our fans again and again: "What can I get for my older daughter?" So, here it is! The Big Book of Girl Power is an action-packed picture book showcasing DC’s super heroines including Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Raven, Bumblebee, Katana, and more. Inspiring origin stories, original art, and an impressive array of superpowers make this the must-have book for young super heroines.


Selected as one of Pure Fandom's 7 Perfect Gifts for Your Favorite Little Super Heroine (2017)

"The Big Book of Girl Power is an uplifting look at heroism for your daughters and nieces, as well as a helpful alternate perspective for little boys who think that women are only there to meet their needs."

 “I can’t begin to tell you how much joy this book has brought to my geek-dad heart."

“Girls will see that being different, overcoming fears, exploring new places–and banding together with other strong women–can be pretty powerful.”

The Big Book of Girl Power is the perfect way for older fans of DC Comics to share their love with the young readers in their lives.”

"Wonderful for both boys and girls, these books reinforce the idea that girls are powerful and can achieve great feats when they set their minds to it."


ISBN:  9781941367230

Price: $16.99, $19.99 Can

Hardcover with metallic paper cover, 10" x 10", 32 pages

For ages 3 and up

Available now


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