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Downtown Bookworks was founded in February, 2005 and published its first book (the People magazine tribute Remembering Johnny, produced in three hairy days) the very same month. Though the high-speed publication is one of our specialties, when we have the time to reflect, we create the kinds of books that we’d want to read. . . which at least guarantees an audience of six. These days, that can mean anything from children’s, tween, and teen books to parenting, wellness and psychology titles; cooking and crafts to pop culture and media tie-ins. We like to find interesting people who are doing cool things and figure out how to translate those “things” into a book. And similarly, we work with our favorite brands to bring their content, know-how, and sensibility to the printed page. We’re also exploring new formats for those occasions when the form really needs to follow the function of a book.

Our mission is to make great books for children and adultsbooks that are well written, rigorously edited, and smartly designed; books that inspire people to get out and do something, or stay home and read; books that make people laugh or learn (or both!); books that make the world a prettier, smarter, tastier, happier place.

In addition, were always eager to work with publishers—to run with a concept or brand, to take over projects that are too labor-intensive to handle in-house, or to crash things out on an unthinkable schedule.

Our website remains a work-in-progress, so please come back—or better yet, come downtown to meet with us in person!