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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Puberty—and Shouldn’t Learn on TikTok: For Curious Girls

Reading this book is like having a cool older sister holding your hand through every curve that puberty throws your way. Funny, frank, and fully illustrated, it covers all of the physical, emotional and social changes going on inside and out.

AVAILABLE NOW  $16.99, ISBN 9781950587360
Softcover, 7" x 9", 120 page, ages 10 and up


Bilingual Babies ABC

This beautifully designed set of 4 concept board books teaches letter sounds AND foreign language—illustrating first words in English and Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Each book includes simple, elegant illustrations for 26 A-to-Z child-friendly items, identified in English and a second language. Since the words in both languages begin with the same letter and share similar sounds, curious kids can double (or quadruple) up on early learning! Grownups can expand their language skills at the same time. Each foreign word includes phonetic pronunciation.

Thoughtfully designed to feel good in small hands, babies through kindergartners will be challenged and thoroughly engaged.

AVAILABLE NOW  $29.99, ISBN 9781950587322
4 board books in a slipcase, each book 5" x 5" square, 20 pages, ages 0–5

Super Heroes Little Library updated for 2022

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee and all of their Super Hero friends introduce important concepts in eight adorable board books in a stunning, sturdy slipcase.

From letters, colors and shapes and opposites, to superpowers, kindness, and diversity, beloved Super Heroes impart powerful lessons for the littlest super hero fans. The 20-page books are down-sized to feel good in small hands. Gorgeous, classic DC art includes a diverse range of characters. In addition to learning early first words and concepts, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers will get a solid introduction to the universe of amazing superpowers, colorful capes, fun sidekicks, cool tools, and other crucial facts about superhero life.

AVAILABLE NOW  $49.99, ISBN 9781950587384
Cuboid slipcase with 8 board books inside, each book 4.7" x 4.7" square, 20 pages, ages 0–3

Sweet Dreams, Mis Hijos

By Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez and illustrated by Yocelyn Riojas

Bilingual mini biographies (in English and Spanish) introduce young readers to groundbreaking Latino leaders—from Roberto Clemente and César Chávez to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sonia Sotomayor.

From current stars like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer López to icons such as Dolores Huerta and Desi Arnaz, readers will learn about extraordinary people from  different backgrounds who made their mark in a wide range of fields.

AVAILABLE NOW  $19.99, ISBN 9781950587339
Hardcover, 9" x 10", 48 pages, ages 5 and up

“Nice” Jewish Girls

“Interesting and informative, showing impressive scope.” — Kirkus Reviews

Thirty-six mini biographies of ground breaking outspoken, odds-defying Jewish women explore their fascinating lives, as well as the ways in which they were shaped by their heritage. Probing the lives of historic icons like Anne Frank to contemporary heroines such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the book also provides an overview of modern Jewish history. Subjects ranging from Emma Goldman to Barbra Streisand to Ruth Westheimer offer a fascinating window into the ways Jewish women have approached their fields and embraced their identities.

AVAILABLE NOW  $21.99, ISBN 9781950587094
Hardcover, 7.25" x 9.25", 160 pages, ages 12 and up

Super Hero Origin Stories:

Classic Tales for Curious Kids

These 3-minute bedtime stories introduce young fans to the early lives of their favorite characters. Where did Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and their super hero friends come from? How did they get their powers? Who were they before they were super heroes?

Each origin story is a thrilling, self-contained bedtime story. Baby Kal-El makes a dramatic escape from the planet Krypton, arriving on Earth in a rocket ship. Wonder Woman and Nubia are shaped out of clay by their mother Hippolyta, and given their powers by the gods. Each Green Lantern—Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Jessica Cruz—came by their power rings in interesting ways. Young super heroes will love learning about how their favorite characters came to be.

AVAILABLE NOW  $19.99, ISBN 9781950587254
Hardback book with metallic ink on cover, 8" x 9.5", 64 pages, ages 3 and up


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A Black Woman Did That

  • “The women spotlighted include some well-known history-makers such as Harriet Tubman, Bessie Coleman, Shirley Chisholm and Ida B. Wells. Stacey Abrams, Whoopi Goldberg, Simone Biles, and Serena Williams are a few of the contemporary ‘sheroes’ readers can rediscover through new insights.”The Washington Informer

Courage Is . . .

[Courage Is. . .] addresses the many surprising ways that one can develop courage and character. Kander and son work to demonstrate how these choices are inherent in who you are as a person, in actions big and small.”

The PitchKC's review about veteran, activist, podcast host, and bestselling author Jason Kander and the board book he wrote his 8-year-old son True

How To Think Like Frank Lloyd Wright

“Do you keep gawking at the many photos and drawings, or dig in and do the many imagining, drawing and coloring exercises suggested?” — from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about inspiring activity/art history book How to Think Like Frank Lloyd Wright, for ages 10 and up.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Puberty—and Shouldn’t be Googling: For Curious Boys

  • Full of frank confessions, abundant humor, nonjudgmental advice—plus cool, graphic-novel-style  illustrations throughout, this best-seller is a “puberty page-turner.” (Prevention Magazine)
  • “Talks about toxic masculinity, feminism and being gay among a lot of other great topics—really diverse images also,” tweets @BlackDigitalHum.
  • “Answered ALL the questions my son had” (4-star Amazon review).

NO! My First Book of Protest

  • “One of the most engaging elements of the book is the repeated refrain of ‛No!’ throughout the text. I’ve yet to meet a toddler (including my own, who loved the book) who didn’t enjoy screaming ‛No!’ whenever possible, and it is welcome and encouraged throughout. This participatory element is very helpful in engaging young readers to learn about important activists and movements throughout history, while inspiring future protesters in the making.”Smells Like Infinite Sadness
  • A timely board book included on inclusive kids book lists including: Stroller in the City, Lucie's List, and Smithsonian Magazine.
  • Parents' Choice Award winner

PBS KIDS Look and Learn

Nature Detective

  • “Who better to help young explorers become Nature Detectives than PBS Kids?” The latest PBS KIDS Look and Learn kit, Nature Detective, won a Parents' Choice Award.
  • “It's important that kids, grownups and supposed grownups get outside and do something wild—like looking at a bird,” The Albert Lea Tribune,
  • At the top of American Scientist's Science Book Gift Guide
  • Parents' Choice Award winner

My First Book of Feminism (for boys)

  • “This board book challenges stereotypes early with rhymes and drawings that address grown-up issues like equal pay, consent and domestic labor with toddler-level directness.” The New York Times
  • “Use this book to start having conversations about feminism with your sons and daughters!”Hello Wonderful
  • “This little board book packs a punch!”No Time for Flashcards
  • “Filled with teachable moments and memorable rhymes.” New Jersey Family
  • “Believe me, there is nothing else on the market like this today. For all the budding young male feminists out there.”School Library Journal
  • Selected as one of Good Housekeeping’s Gender Stereotype-Busting Clothes, Books, and Toys for Boys
  • Selected as one of The Children's Book Review's Best Board Books of the year
  • Selected as one of TinyBeans' Best Kids Books of the year

Baby’s First Eames

My First Jewish Baby Book

  • A must-have for any Jewish baby's nursery
  • “Prepare to read My First Jewish Baby Book over and over,”The New York Jewish Week
  • “A very cute and funny board book about Jewish culture.”Book Riot
  • “A great introduction to some of the most important and fun aspects of Jewish religion and culture.”Mother magazine
  • “It's a great little gift book for parents and grandparents eager to share more with their kids.”The Chuckanut Reader
  • “This board book is a cute first alphabet book for baby.”The Jewish Journal
  • “The colorful, graphic art throughout makes this a winning combination of content and visuals.”Imagination Soup
  • “Merberg and Feiner make a good team; their collaboration will be a delight not only for the baby in your family, but for you, the lucky adult who will get to read it aloud over and over, while baby sits on your lap.”San Diego Jewish World
  • Selected as one of  The Children's Book Review's Best Jewish Books for Kids
  • Selected as one of Cool Mom Picks’s 12 Fantastic Hanukkah Gifts for Kids that are Cool, Not Corny



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